Tạ Duy Tùng at The Mange Hub by Concept Tử Tế.
Tạ Duy Tùng at The Mange Hub by Concept Tử Tế.
Tạ Duy Tùng at The Mange Hub by Concept Tử Tế.

Resilience and Revelation:
The Artistic Journey of Tạ Duy Tùng

Tạ Duy Tùng’s artistic voyage began in the bustling lanes of urban landscapes, where his graffiti art from 2009 to 2013 was not just a splash of colors but a manifesto of personal liberty. This period marked his first foray into the art world, where he used the city’s walls as a canvas to express his innermost thoughts and feelings. As he transitioned into academic painting between 2014 and 2017, Tùng immersed himself in the study of classical techniques, enriching his expertise and laying a robust foundation for his future endeavors.

From 2017 to 2023, Tùng embarked on a noble quest to impart his accumulated wisdom, dedicating himself to educating aspiring artists and sharing the nuances of his craft. His commitment to nurturing the next generation of artists was a testament to his belief in the transformative power of art.

The year 2023 marked a significant milestone in Tùng’s career as he was bestowed with the Most Promising Artist of the Year Award at the UOB Painting of the Year event. His award-winning oil painting, “Fly on my way - On the Path,” was a masterpiece that encapsulated his journey and philosophy. It was a visual narrative that spoke volumes about the resilience required to navigate life’s challenges and the courage to tread an independent path.

Tùng’s artistry is deeply influenced by surrealism, a movement that seeks to unlock the deeper truths hidden within the ordinary. His works are a testament to his ability to see beyond the mundane and to depict the familiar with a new perspective that challenges and inspires. He skillfully weaves the complexities of human emotions and experiences into his art, inviting viewers to embark on a reflective journey through the layers of their own consciousness.

Through his creations, Tạ Duy Tùng continues to contribute profoundly to the art world, his pieces resonating with viewers and fellow artists alike. His art is not merely to be seen; it is to be experienced, to be felt, and to be pondered upon, as it holds the power to transform and to illuminate the unseen corridors of the human soul. Tùng’s legacy is one of inspiration, a beacon that guides us through the transformative power of art.

The Evocative World

“Cân Bằng Hỗn Loạn”
Artwork by Tạ Duy Tùng

"Cân Bằng Hỗn Loạn" is a compelling artwork that measures 40x40cm, rendered in stark black and white acrylics on canvas. The painting captures the essence of randomness, with brushstrokes varying in intensity and direction, each guided by the spontaneous rhythm of the body at a specific moment.


Despite the apparent disarray, every stroke is a deliberate act towards achieving balance. The piece embodies a profound contrast in concepts: it presents a form that appears chaotic, yet harbors an intrinsic equilibrium within.


This duality invites the viewer to ponder the complex interplay between order and disorder, both in the artwork and in life itself.

Cân Bằng Hỗn Loạn (2024) by Tạ Duy Tùng at The Mange Hub by Concept Tử Tế.
Đôi mắt đích thực (2024) by Tạ Duy Tùng at The Mange Hub by Concept Tử Tế.

“Đôi Mắt Đích Thực”
Artwork by Tạ Duy Tùng

"Đôi Mắt Đích Thực" is an intriguing artwork that spans 35x46cm, utilizing acrylic and spray paint on canvas to create a visual narrative.


The artist, who has long practiced the fundamentals of art through imagery, symbolism, and meaning, experienced a transformative moment when experimenting with Chinese calligraphy.


This exploration into the rhythmic flow of brush and line evolved the artist's language into one that resonates more closely with the natural essence.


By integrating minimal imagery, a new perspective and approach to art emerged, one that captures the authentic gaze and invites viewers to look beyond the surface, to the true spirit captured within the strokes.

“Đối Thoại”
Artwork by Tạ Duy Tùng

"Đối Thoại" is an abstract artwork measuring 40x50cm, created with acrylic and spray paint on canvas. At first glance, the brushstrokes may seem erratic and without order, but they are a deliberate exploration of the complex layers of communication that exist within us.


The painting poses a question: can we ever be truly certain that we communicate with the deeper parts of ourselves in the same way we communicate with each other? It suggests that there are distinct languages for different dimensions of our being, and through this piece, the artist invites us to a dialogue not only with the art but with the unspoken parts of ourselves.


The work is a visual representation of the internal conversations that shape our perception and understanding of the world.

Rồng chầu sen (2024) bĐối Thoại (2024) by Tạ Duy Tùng at The Mange Hub by Concept Tử Tế.y Nguyễn Việt Cường. At The Mango Hub of Concept Tử Tế.
Oanh Nguyễn (Bella) at Nổ Cái Bùm Đà Lạt mộng Mơ 2022.

“Sự Tồn Tại Của Ý Chí”
Artwork by Tạ Duy Tùng

"Sự Tồn Tại Của Ý Chí" is a profound oil painting on canvas, measuring 40x50cm, that delves into the spiritual notions of enduring simultaneous hardships without a clear path forward.


The self-portrait features a face half-revealed and half-obscured, symbolizing the abandonment by even those elements once thought intrinsic to oneself amidst adversity. The open eye represents the small yet persistent will that remains, while the hand holding a candle signifies the flickering and fragile hope.


This artwork encapsulates the essence of perseverance; it suggests that when the remnants of will meet the glimmer of hope, a path becomes illuminated, guiding one through the darkness of challenges towards the light of resolution.


The painting stands as a beacon of resilience, urging the viewer to recognize and embrace the enduring spirit within.

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