The Cherry Hub by Concept Tử Tế

Where Every Bean Counts and Every Voice Matters

The Cherry Hub by Concept Tử Tế, the top Vietnamese Branding Agency

Concept Tử Tế introduces The Cherry Hub, a unique initiative nestled in the vibrant coffee industry’s core. This hub is a testament to the collective spirit, drawing an inspiring parallel between the individuality of cherries and the collaborative essence of the coffee world. Each cherry, a distinct entity, contributes to the greater whole, much like the diverse stakeholders in the coffee sector who flourish through mutual support.

The Cherry Hub is a symbol of unity, celebrating the harmony of individuality and collaboration. It honors the versatility of cherries, reflecting the coffee industry’s rich variety, from bold espressos to smooth lattes, catering to all tastes.

The health attributes of cherries echo the wellness benefits of coffee, both deeply rooted in agricultural heritage. The visual kinship between cherries and coffee beans underscores the symbiotic relationships vital for the industry’s prosperity, involving farmers, roasters, baristas, and consumers alike.

More than a concept, The Cherry Hub exemplifies the power of collective progress and innovation within Concept Tử Tế’s coffee community. It stands for sustainability and the shared effort that enriches every cup of coffee, symbolizing growth and shared prosperity.

The Cherry Hub transcends being a mere meeting point for aficionados; it represents the untapped potential of a community that cherishes individual contributions and collective power. It’s a beacon for those who value the strength in unity and the joy of shared achievements.

As Concept Tử Tế nurtures this spirit of togetherness and diversity, The Cherry Hub shines as a beacon of what’s possible when we embrace our industry’s full range. It’s a tribute to the intricate coffee culture and a source of inspiration for those who believe in the strength of community and the splendor of collective success. Here’s to The Cherry Hub, where every cherry, every bean, and every voice is integral to our extraordinary journey.

From the team of Concept Tử Tế.

The pillars of The Cherry Hub

United in Diversity at The Cherry Hub

Beanside Out

Võ Đình Thiện

Founder of Beandside Out.

Beanside Out & Concept Tử Tế

Brewing Excellence Together

In the dynamic world of coffee, where each bean has its own tale and every individual’s input is valued, Concept Tử Tế is thrilled to announce our collaboration with Beanside Out. Located in the vibrant heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Beanside Out is more than a Coffee Training Center—it’s a haven for coffee artistry, where tradition is honored and innovation flourishes.

Concept Tử Tế understands the powerful narrative behind every cup of coffee—a story spun from passion, knowledge, and unwavering dedication to quality. The Cherry Hub embodies this narrative, serving as a beacon of unity and diversity, where the significance of each bean and voice is acknowledged and celebrated.

Beanside Out mirrors our commitment, with a focus on imparting a rich array of coffee knowledge and experiences to the community. They advocate for the craft of ethical and exquisite coffee-making, aligning with our vision. Their offerings in barista training, sensory exploration, and storytelling are foundational elements of a coffee culture that prioritizes sustainability, excellence, and communal bonds.

Together, Concept Tử Tế and Beanside Out are setting out to weave a richer narrative within the coffee industry. Through The Cherry Hub, we strive to create an environment where innovative spirit and time-honored traditions converge, shaping the coffee industry’s future through the hands that value it most.

We extend an invitation to you to be part of this journey, to join a movement that honors every bean and amplifies every voice in our worldwide community. Join us at Concept Tử Tế, where coffee, culture, and community brew together in perfect harmony!

Workflow Space

WorkFlow Focus Space

Pioneering Partnership with Concept Tử Tế

Embracing the spirit of collaboration, WorkFlow Focus Space proudly stands as the first partner of The Cherry Hub, a cherished alliance that Concept Tử Tế holds in high regard. This partnership is a testament to our shared commitment to fostering creativity and community within the coffee and arts sectors.

WorkFlow Focus Space has generously sponsored their state-of-the-art venues to Concept Tử Tế, providing an ideal backdrop for the upcoming coffee and arts exhibitions. These events are set to be a confluence of culture, innovation, and the finest coffee experiences, thanks to the support of WorkFlow Focus Space.

As pioneers in this collaborative journey, WorkFlow Focus Space and Concept Tử Tế are setting a precedent for strong partnerships that go beyond mere transactions. Together, we are creating spaces that not only showcase artistic and coffee excellence but also cultivate meaningful connections and shared growth within the community.

This alliance with WorkFlow Focus Space is just the beginning of a series of collaborations aimed at elevating the coffee and arts scene to new heights. We invite you to join us at these exhibitions, where every bean, every brushstroke, and every idea is celebrated in a symphony of shared success.

Join us in this innovative venture, where WorkFlow Focus Space and Concept Tử Tế merge visions to create unforgettable experiences and lasting legacies in the world of coffee and art.

Workflow Focus Space in Thao Dien, Ho Chi Minh City

Zen Corner

Workflow Focus Space
in Thao Dien, Ho Chi Minh City
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