Visitors are doing activities in Thuc Exhibition by Concept Tử Tế.
Our Porfolio

A Reflection of Excellence and Empathy

At Concept Tử Tế, the portfolio reflects a steadfast commitment to kindness and creativity. Each project showcases the unique approach of Concept Tử Tế, where empathy and innovation intersect to transform the creative landscape of Vietnam. The portfolio is not just a collection of work; it is a narrative of experiences that resonate with authenticity and cultural insight.

Experience Crafting by Concept Tử Tế

Concept Tử Tế is renowned for experiences that leave indelible impressions. The portfolio brims with projects that highlight the dedication to multisensory storytelling and immersive brand journeys. It is a celebration of Vietnamese culture, meticulously crafted by the hands of Concept Tử Tế.

Work Ethics at Concept Tử Tế

The work ethics at Concept Tử Tế shine through a collaborative spirit and an unwavering commitment to detail. Integrity in creation is a principle evident in every project, reflecting the ethical stance that Concept Tử Tế upholds in all endeavors.

Kindness: The Hallmark of Concept Tử Tế

Kindness is the hallmark that defines Concept Tử Tế. It is the thread that connects every aspect of operations, visible in the portfolio where each piece of work goes beyond service—it builds relationships and fosters trust, with kindness at the forefront of every Concept Tử Tế narrative.

Our Gallery

Creativity and Kindness in Focus

Explore the essence of Concept Tử Tế’s work in a gallery that captures the spirit of our creative and compassionate projects.

Our Journey

From Ideas To Pioneers

Explore the milestones and creative evolution of Concept Tử Tế.

The Beginning of 2022

Freelance team of Branding Exhibition Organizers.

October 27, 2022

Concept Tử Tế LLC. was founded.


– Introduced Artistic Branding Approaches and Multi-senses Branding Exhibitions.
– Successfully organized Thuc Exhibition and Calm Exhibition.


Kicked off the Project 2024: “Việt Nam Ơi”

Project 2024

“Việt Nam Ơi”

Việt Nam Ơi - Project 2024

Việt Nam Ơi – Project 2024

Featuring 05 exhibitions of Coffee Industry, Construction Industry, Thổ Cẩm, Tết and Cải Lương.

Project “Việt Nam Ơi,” orchestrated by Concept Tử Tế, stands as a beacon of cultural pride and industrial ambition.

Embracing the slogan “Bridging cultures, inspiring futures,” this project is a curated journey through five pivotal exhibitions, each a celebration of Vietnamese ingenuity and enterprise.

“Việt Nam Ơi” is an invitation to explore, learn, and be inspired. It’s a platform where business meets culture, and where every exhibition is a bridge to Vietnam’s inspiring future.

Call for sponsors!

Elevate “Việt Nam Ơi” by sponsoring an exhibition or the entire project.

Your support will showcase Vietnam’s vibrant culture and industries, offering unparalleled exposure and alignment with innovation and heritage.

Be a part of a legacy that inspires and connects cultures!

June 2024
Vietnamese Specialty Coffee Industry

Dive into the aromatic world of Vietnamese coffee, where tradition meets innovation. Discover the journey from bean to cup, and how Vietnam’s specialty coffee is making its mark on the global stage.

June 2024
September 2024
Vietnamese Furniture Industry

Marvel at the fusion of traditional methods and modern design in Vietnam’s building sector. This showcase highlights the innovative use of materials and the artistry of Vietnamese furniture, reflecting a nation built on both heritage and forward-thinking.

September 2024
October 2024
Vietnamese Tết Holiday

Experience the warmth and exuberance of Tết, the heart of Vietnamese festivities. This exhibition encapsulates the customs, colors, and communal spirit that animate Vietnam’s most cherished celebration.

October 2024
December 2024
Vietnamese Soap Opera – Cải Lương

Step into the dramatic world of ‘Cải Lương,’ where music and storytelling intertwine. This exhibition pays homage to the enduring charm of this art form, celebrating its role in the cultural tapestry of Vietnam.

December 2024
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